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Azure MeetUp Munich Reach your next peak in remote work with AVD

EVENT Azure Meetup Munich11 November 2022


How to reach your next peak in remote work with AVD


23 November 2022

06:00 PM

We are excited to relaunch the Azure MeetUp Munich format and give a great tour through the world of remote work in the clouds together with some great speakers directly at Microsoft facilities!!

This month's #AzureMeetUp will feature a tour of the Azure Virtual Desktop world, le dby #CloudAstro. THE remote workspace solution that brings the benefits of the cloud to remote working spaces. We'll discuss compliance, use cases and how the solution is perfectly completed with our #ManagedServices. We hope you'll join us to learn more about this exciting solution!


In today's business world, more and more employees are working remotely. And while thereare plenty of benefits that comea long with this trend—increased flexibility and decreased overhead costs, to name a few—it also presents some unique challenges. Namely, how do you keep your remote workers connected to your company network? And how do you ensure that they have access to all the samea pplications and data that they would if they were in the office?

The answer is Azure Virtual Desktop combined with our managed service solutions. Azure Virtual Desktop is a cloud-based desktop virtualization service that enables remote users to access their desktops, applications, and data from anywhere, on any device. And because it's hosted in the cloud, it's easy to set up and scale, so it can grow with your business

17:30 Meet & Greet
18:00 - 18:15 Welcome (CloudAstro)
18:20 - 18:35 Lessons Learned AVD Project (Jean-MarcL.)
18:40 - 19:10 AVD New Features (AngelikaG.)
19:10 - 19:15 Quick-break
19:15 - 19:30 Managed Services - Expert Talk (ErcanY.)
19:35 - 19:50 Why agreat Partner is required win customer trust (Markus K.)
19:50 - 20:10 Coffee & Snacks
20:10 - 20:25 CloudAstro- Who we are? (BlertaD.)
20:30 - 21:00 CloudAstro AVD Managed Services (Fisnik D.)
21:00 - 21:15 Q&A

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