Unleashing the Power of Large Language Models: Insights from Azure MeetUp in Prishtina

How to get an infinite number of interns? 🤓

EVENT Azure MeetUp Munich Goes to Prishtina27 December 2023


Azure MeetUp Munich Goes to Prishtina - Azure Generative AI Services

Innovation Centre Kosovo | Prishtina

19 December 2023


During our last Azure MeetUp in Prishtina, that’s what we uncovered. If there is one piece of information that we expected everyone to remember, it is the fact that when thinking of large language models (LLMs) and their usage, we recommend using them the same way you would use an infinite number of interns.

▶️ You want to analyze each credit card transaction and find patterns, which need to be solved? Interns could do that,...or LLMs.

▶️ You want to analyze each phone call in your call center and recognize if customers are happy, angry, or disappointed. Interns could do that,...or LLMs.

❓ One question still remains: The true impact of generative AI is yet to be determined!

One thing we know for sure though: ML (or AI services) are ready for deployment, usage, and value creation. We no longer require scientific work and scientists around us work on the application of ML in our day-to-day challenges.

The live demo by Boris Zaikin, insights from Taulant Abazi and the fact that we can train models through the existing infrastructure within Azure indicated the massive potential of AI in particular for young economies (like Kosova's).

It was a great way to end this year at Innovation Centre Kosovo - Thank you for everyone who joined us. We are looking forward to seeing you again next year! 🚀

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